Vireo Energy and Russian turbine manufacturer in2rbo signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the area of power production from landfill gas.

Vireo Energy has traditionally used piston engines for power production in all countries where the company has been present. However, turbines is an interesting alternative thanks to its much simpler design and therefore significantly simpler operations. Until now, there hasn’t been any credible turbine alternatives in the smaller effect range (500 – 2000 KW) but the innovative company in2rbo will offer turbines in the same effect range as piston engines. in2rbo is about to manufacture a first set of turbines which Vireo will test under real conditions.

“We are excited to enter into this cooperation, since it has the potential to significantly increase operational efficiency. In addition, turbines emit far less NOx compared with piston engine so the environmental benefits are clear” says Fredrik Carlman, CEO of Vireo Energy AB.