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Landfill gas

Recovia produces and sells renewable electricity from landfill gas. Landfill gas consists roughly of 50 % methane and 50 % carbon dioxide that is generated inside landfills (or dumpsites). If not collected properly, the methane leaks into the atmosphere where it has around a 30 times higher heating effect compared with carbon dioxide, over a 100 year cycle. Therefore, and for many other reasons, the capture and utilization of landfill gas is mandatory in the EU. The methane content in landfill gas is high enough to fuel gas engines that generate electricity.

The gas can also be utilized for heating of premises, greenhouses etcetera. Within landfill gas, our business model is to build own and operate landfill gas installations. We currently landfill gas installations in Eastern Europe but are developing new projects in Africa.

Recycling of plastic waste

The amount of plastic waste is rampant but until now, there is surprisingly little recycling of plastic into useful products. Recovia has started two pilot projects in Kenya and Ghana where the team converts plastic waste into useful products such as fencing poles, benches and pavement tiles. Our ambition is to grow this effort significantly over the coming years and to mobilize own collection of plastic waste thereby visibly reducing the amount of waste that has become a nuisance for the rural and urban population in developing countries.