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Recovery of value from waste

Recovia AB is a Swedish company with a deep engagement in renewable and sustainable energy. The company was started in 2010 and since the start we have abated greenhouse gas emissions corresponding to several hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 in installations that we own and operate.

Recovia owns projects plastic recycling and also develops landfill gas to power projects. Our recycling business in Africa produces and sell products made from plastics that otherwise would go to waste. Our current product range covers fencing poles, benches and pavement tiles, all from recycled plastics.

Our core values build on biblical principles and ultimately, our business is run to the glory of God, through Jesus Christ. Recovia is a member of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce,

During this time we have also collected operational experience and know-how that benefits not only our current business, but serves as a development platform for new technological advancements.

Recovia owns and develops projects in landfill gas to power and our business model is to sell renewable power. We are also developing gasification projects where various waste streams are utilized for power production. In addition, we are developing projects in renewable hydrogen based on new technologies.

Recovia is a member of ICCC, The International Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Our general philosophy is that nothing that can be used in a sustainable way should be wasted.
Instead, we want to recover as much economic value as possible. Hence our name

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