Recovia – an experienced partner in waste-­to-­energy

An experienced partner in waste-to-­energy

Recovia is an experienced Swedish company able to carry out energy projects based on waste resources in any geography. The company has collected extensive experience through construction and operation of own reference plants on multiple markets and is seeking cooperation with local partners.


Vireo Energy signed LOI with turbine manufacturer in2rbo

Vireo Energy and Russian turbine manufacturer in2rbo signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the area of power production from landfill gas. Vireo Energy has traditionally used piston engines for power production in all countries where the company has been present....

Vireo explores new landfill technology

Dutch company Multriwell visited Vireo's production facilities in Belarus in October 2018 to assess improvement potential of four installations. Dutch company Multriwell has a unique and patented solution for landfill gas extraction that is significantly different...

Partnership and business model

During almost ten years of operations, Recovia has collected several valuable experiences and know-­how to run a landfill gas business in any market. Together with equity partners that preferably also provide local administrative support, Recovia is able to take full responsibility for the implementation and operations of a landfill gas­‐to-­power project.


Waste to energy solutions ranges from large‐scale waste incineration plants to small scale energy production in which landfill gas‐to­‐power and pyrolysis are two of the main technologies. Recovia focuses small scale projects (1–20 MW of power) within landfill gas and is exploring promising pyrolysis technologies in parallel.