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Recovia has started two subsidiaries in Kenya and Ghana and invested in machinery that recycles plastic waste into useful products. Our calling is to create better jobs and be a valuable member of the local community. The subsidiaries employ a group of dedicated employees that perform collection, washing, and sorting of plastic waste. The plastic is shredded and further extruded in moulds into products. In Kenya the team is producing fencing poles that are sold as part of a fencing system. The advantage compared with fencing poles from wood, is a longer life length since neither weather or termites destroy them. In Kenya, we are also producing benches from recycled plastic. The team in Ghana has started with production of pavement tiles from plastic. If you want to support our work, please consider buying our products. We are flexible in terms of production and if you have a product that you want to have produce, from recycled plastic, let’s discuss.

Contact Samuel Kairo for Nairobi at + 254 722 935 710 (Whattsap) or

Contact Patrick Amartey for Accra at + 49 1525 624 5213 (Whattsap) or